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Our specialists set thousands of products to the test each year in our 17 labs and 29-acre automobile testing track.

Why Choose ReviewDECIDE?

We started ReviewDECIDE on the premise that a great deal of the information required to evaluate a given product properly is already right in front of your (and our) eyes. 

There is too much information! A crucial skill necessary for picking the best products is the ability to cull through the available information, focusing on what should drive a purchase decision.

To make those crucial determinations as to what matters and what doesn’t, we begin by thinking through what matters to us when we use a particular product. We then use that type of product to refine further the features we care about and that we think you will also care about. 

Next, we search the web, looking to manufacturer’s websites, product specifications, consumer reports, expert blogs, research reports, and the like to obtain crucial insights and the facts.

Finally, we get to writing, where we distill the results of our research and combine them with our own experiences as consumers, professionals, techies, mothers, fathers, hobbyists, designers, software engineers, attorneys (sorry), and more. Ultimately, this process results in the reviews we present to you. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, we think it is essential that you know we make our money through affiliate sales (when you click through our site to purchase a product). 

We want you to know that we NEVER move an item up or down in our rankings based upon estimated payout. 

We genuinely believe doing so would be fatal to our desire to run a sustainable business. Instead, we want happy visitors (hopefully you) to come to our site repeatedly. 

If you find our reviews helpful and decide to make a purchase, we would greatly appreciate it if you click through our site to buy.

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